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  • Here for you during the Coronavirus Pandemic 

  • Assessment and Monitoring

  • Planning and Problem-Solving

  • Caregiver Coaching and Education

  • Care Coordination and Management 


Your satisfaction is important. If you have questions about the provider or services, call or submit an inquiry. I look forward to helping you achieve what's important to you.

MI Care Manager Can Help

A Senior Care Manager assists families in the coordination of short or long- term support for older individuals by serving as a personal connection to professional resources. They can be a source of clarity and relief from the confusion and stress of caregiving responsibilities.

Personal and Professional

  • Have questions about senior living options?

  • Recovering from an illness or surgery?

  • Do you live long distance from an Elder loved one and want the supportive presence of a professional advocate?

  • Individualized support for your unique situation. 


Personalized support, through education, care coaching, planning, management and advocacy from a licensed professional working for you.

Working For You. 
MI Care Manager, LLC does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any type of skilled professional service. The services offered are not intended to take the place of medical advice or care you receive from your healthcare provider. Always consult your healthcare provider about your medications and health concerns.

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