Grab -N- Go Binder

A portable collection of the most important information necessary for relocating. Including social/environmental/dietary preferences, health conditions, emergency contacts and more.

Needs Assessment

In-person assessment of caregiver and elder care support needs. Detailed report provided for the development and implementation of a plan of care by the primary caregiver(s). 

Elder Care Plan

Needs assessment, development and review of a personalized plan of care that includes housing, medical, psycho-social, legal and financial components necessary for implementation by the primary caregiver(s). 


Elder Care Concierge

Safety/wellness/ Companionship visits, healthcare advocacy and support, and more.

Quality of Life Care Management

Needs assessment, care plan development, coordination and monitoring of support services, relocation assistance (where applicable), care concierge services and more. 

Individualized Rates, Billing and Payment Options

Person-centered pricing, billing and payment options for your personal connection to a knowledgeable professional. Packages can be tailored so you only pay for the support you need. Flexible scheduling to accommodate preferences of evening and weekend encounters.

Privacy Policy and Service Disclaimer:

Any information provided to Ebone' C. Jolly, d/b/a MI Care Manager will be used in accordance with federal regulations surrounding protected health information. MI Care Manager, LLC does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any type of skilled professional service. The services offered are not intended to take the place of medical advice or care you receive from your healthcare provider. Always consult your healthcare provider about your medications and health concerns.