What can MI Care Manager do for you?

Some of the things a Geriatric Care Manager can do for you are:

1. Save you money by helping keep your parent out of the hospital and you off emergency long-distance flights if you live far away.

2. Facilitate a family discussion of needs, resources, and division of labor among friends and family.

3. Recommend ways to proactively prepare and plan for a parent’s possible health care crisis.

4. Work on family cooperation to formulate a realistic parent-care plan.

5. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of all potential caregivers.

6. Help adult siblings resolve conflicts about care decisions.

7. Help siblings act together in the best interest of the parent.

8. Decrease the tension between hometown and long-distance siblings.

9. Help the long-distance care provider deal with guilt and frustration that may result from their inability to provide more of the day-to-day care.

10. Locate resources to support aging (many no -cost through the older Americans Act) in your aging parent’s area quickly and without you having to do it.

Are you responsible for the care of an Elderly parent? Let MI Care Manager help ensure they get all the support and quality care they need with confidence.

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