MI Care Manager - The Help You Need From A Caring Professional. 

Common Questions


What is a Senior Care Manager?

A Senior (Elder or Geriatric) Care Manager is an individual with professional knowledge and training in social work, nursing, or another area of clinical service focused on the needs of older adults.


In collaboration with private individuals -and/or families, Senior Care Managers plan, coordinate, and are involved in the care that an older person receives. They are often characterized as "a professional member of the family". 

Why Hire a Care Manager?

People hire a Senior Care Manager for general wellness checks, to evaluate and plan for personal care needs, provide reassurance, monitor care at home or in a facility, and/or assist with problem solving.


Their knowledge and expertise in the unique needs and services for seniors, can save individuals and families, time, worry and financial resources, when planning and making decisions about senior care.


Is Care Management Covered by Health Insurance?

No. Care Management services are arranged privately between the client and service provider, and therefore, are not covered by commercial or government-funded health insurance.


In contrast, some privately paid long-term care insurances may offset the cost of care management. A Senior Care Manager can also work with your policy provider to ensure you get the most value out of your covered benefits.