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MI Care Manager uses a great new healthcare software platform called CareTree that allows for centralized secure medical records and communication.

The founder of CareTree designed it for his own mom who was in a caregiving situation so the family and professionals could all communicate and stay on the same page. It’s designed it to be really easy to use, like a "HIPAA compliant Facebook".

  • After the initial sign up, case updates in CareTree automatically send you a message with the updates (you can choose your communication preferences from text or email). 

  • You can comment and respond in CareTree so everyone connected knows what is going on, avoiding long text/email chains.

  • Access medication lists, case contacts, important documents, and calendar events. 

  • Important information at your finger-tips.

  • Easily accessible from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Most importantly, it's completely secure and HIPAA compliant.


Sign up for MI Care Manager's Care Management service. Receive an email from CareTree that invites you to create a profile. Connect at home or on the go.